April 9th, 2016 - Noon til Midnight - Fieldhouse
Limited supply of gift grab bags available for all attendees


ACM’s annual BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN Party will be held on April 9th from noon to midnight at the Fieldhouse. Bring your own computer to participate in a myriad of computer gaming tournaments from League of Legends to Minecraft. Other events include console gaming tournaments from Halo to Splatoon. PCT Game Devs will be there to showcase new game demos. Door prizes and tournament prizes will be awarded to participants. A fully stocked concession stand will be open for the duration of the event. Arrive early to ensure yourself and your computer a spot at this exciting event!


BYOC Door Prizes

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Counter Strike: Global Offsenive

Halo Classic

Smash Brothers


And More...


When and where is the event?

April 9th, 2016 at the PCT Fieldhouse from Noon till Midnight.

Can I help setup the day before?

Yes! Please click the volunteer button in the about section.

Will X Game have an event there?

Hopefully. Please check the event schedule and if you don't see it there let us know with the contact form below.

Can I play games that aren't on the event list?

Absolutelly! The intention of the event is for you to bring your own computer and play whatever it is you like with the other attendees. The events are just scheduled extra's!

What kind of prizes will be there?

A whole bunch. There will be a limited supply of grab bags for all attendees along with a raffle ticket for door prizes at the end. On top of that there will be prizes for individual events available.

Will concessions be available at the event?

Yes. The menu should be posted here on the website soon.

Can you attend if you're under the age of 18?

Yes you can attend. However you will need the signature of a parent or guardian.

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